Preparing Your Home For Sale

The appearance of your property can greatly affect the sale price and the length of time it takes to sell. A well presented property can will usually achieve a better sale price in a shorter time, than a similar property that needs cleaning and maintenance This does not mean that you have to spend on renovations, as seeing potential in a property is what some buyers are looking for.

We recommend that you put yourself in a prospective buyer’s shoes and walk around your property as if you were thinking of buying it.

Below are a few tips for presenting your property at its best in order to achieve the best price, in the shortest time on the market:


  • Remove any furniture and non-essential items that you can live without to give the impression of enough space.
  • Ensure that everything is in working order. Ie. Fix the dripping taps, replace blown light bulbs and replace damaged door handles.
  • Floors, walls and windows should be cleaned, cupboards neat and tidy and uncluttered, bathrooms should not have mould and uncluttered and bench tops left clear. Shampoo any carpets. You may be surprised at how much better they look and smell after cleaning.
  • Open curtains to let the light in and clean insect screens.
  • Remove any cobwebs.
  • Clean the oven and sinks.
  • Make sure that there are no cooking, smoke or pet smells.
  • Remove personal items such as photos and valuables from site.


  • Tidy the garden, lawns and entrances, as this will be the buyers first impression of your property.
  • Lawns should be mowed, edged and free of weed.
  • Trees trimmed.
  • Gutters cleaned of leaves and other matter.
  • The garage and any sheds should be cleaned out and left uncluttered if possible, as good storage space is a great selling point.
  • Built in barbeques should be clean.

Rental Properties:

Having helpful tenants can assist with the sale of your investment property. It may be a good idea to organise a cleaner and/or gardener for them before the first open for inspection, or shout them a meal at the local club of restaurant as a sign of your appreciation.

Please ask Serge or Greg for a copy of the Ultimate Seller to Do List.

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